Sea Turtles Eating, Swimming and Snoozing in Waikoloa, Hawaii

Sea Turtles Eating, Swimming and Snoozing in Waikoloa, Hawaii

It all began with a long walk on the beach…

When I spotted some sea turtles swimming near the shore!

Fin, Noggin’, Duuude!

This was my first time seeing sea turtles in person and watching them swim around and nibble dinner off of the rocks was surprisingly entertaining.

The turtles didn’t seem bothered by my presence at all, despite taking dozens of photos and near 40 minutes of video. They were as chill as Crush and Squirt from Finding Nemo.

When they swam off, I thought about how cool that was then continued down the beach.

Further down, I found one that was lying alone, randomly on the sand. It didn’t move, its eyes were closed and of course you can’t see a turtle breathing.

For a moment I thought it might be washed up dead like a beached whale. But no, little guy (or gal, hard to tell) was just taking a snooze. I found a bunch more of them sleeping along the beach including the three in the main image above this post.

I Got Ninja Turtled

The best part though was when I went snorkeling a few days later at 69 Beach.

I was swimming along a really rocky area enjoying the fish and occasionally diving down to the bottom to watch them swim above me.

As I was under water, I noticed movement in a large, dark crevice in the rocks. My mind immediately flashed back to my run in with sharks in Florida.

But before I could panic, out popped a large sea turtle who stared at me for a few moments before beginning a lazy swim around the area nibbling at the occasional rock here and there.

Did I just get ninja’d by a turtle?

Michelangelo: Yep, it’s finally happened. The dude has flipped his shell.
Raphael: It’s time for the ol’ rubber aquarium.

No fin or noggin’ but it was one of the highlights of my trip.

Green Sea Turtle in Waikoloa Hawaii

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