Waipio Valley Beach on The Big Island of Hawaii

Waipio Valley Beach on The Big Island of Hawaii

Back in September 2012, I visited Waipio Valley and hiked down to the beach, crossed the river and hiked up part of the far side. Unfortunately, the battery on my iPhone ran out so my videos/photos end at the river.

Waipio Valley Beach

Waipio Valley is on the Big Island of Hawaii, on the North (and slightly Eastern) side of the island.

The whole valley is really beautiful, filled with bright green foliage, blue ocean and a clear river running into the crashing waves of the Pacific. In the valley is a collection of tarot farms, a waterfall with questionable public access rights and the very rough dirt road leading to the beach area. Along the beach are sacred areas where native Hawaiian’s are buried so it’s prudent to tread carefully and be respectful.

The beach is black sand and the whole right side of the beach is covered in round volcanic rocks.

Most people just stop at the lookout, take pictures and leave. Not many venture down the steep road into the valley since the steep terrain and rough roads in the valley require a 4×4 truck or Jeep, even fewer actually walk down. On the beach, there were no more than half a dozen other people. One guy was surfing, which was fun to watch. He had skills.

Other than me, only two ladies crossed the river and hiked to the far side. So, if you’re looking for a secluded place to hang out this is as good as any.

FYI: There are several outhouses for public use as well as a few trash barrels. Please don’t litter.

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