The 10 Essentials (Free Download)

The 10 Essentials (Free Download)

I’ve written about the 10 Essentials before. It’s an important subject. I compiled that information into a .pdf file to present on Slide Share, which you can view or download below.

Too often we hear stories of people who think they’ll just be hiking for a few hours but something happens and they’re entirely unprepared for a night in the wild.

It’s too easy to bring the stuff we need to survive. But it’s also easy to neglect it. Don’t get caught outdoors with nothing like these two tourists. Or perish needlessly like this father and his two sons who were hiking in Missouri.

Download The 10 Essentials

Please download this file and compile your kit. No opt-in, no strings. Enjoy!

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Still unsure? You can preview the information below. I hope you find it helpful.

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